The Impact of the Girls in Aerospace Foundation


  • 15,000+ young women reached per year (30,000+ total)
  • 5,000 registered members from over 20 countries
  • Involvement in fundraisers collecting over $10,000 in tuition assistance for GIA members
  • 4 publications about GIA — Facebook, Women’s Republic, She the Change Podcast, and InternQueen
  • Within the Aerospace Connect program, 100+ girls were matched one-on-one with a mentor in the aerospace field


Aerospace Connect Mentorship Program

  • Samantha Falucci (@seaspacesam) — tech professional, analog astronaut, and science communicator.
  • Dr. Anna Chrobry (@astropolerina)— highly respected Polish physicist working in the German space sector
  • Agnieszka Elwertowska ( — Polish analog astronaut and researcher regularly working missions in Brazil and the Polish Lunares habitat
  • Zaida Hernandez (@thespacelatina) — aerospace engineer well-known for her social media presence and science communication
  • Rikhi Roy (@rikhiroy)— aerospace engineer and science communicator


Space Law Webinar — Lauren Killam

Meet-and-Greet with Bonnie J. Dunbar

Aerospace in College Panel — Sabrina Khan, Toni McLaughlin, Riley Havela, Fiona McCarthy, and Sarah Alshamaily

Astrobiology — Jade from Never Trust an Atom


Facebook PL Meet the Future — June 2021

GIA Magazine Issue I — December 2020






Facebook Meet The Future laureate, avid advocate for women in STEM, teen entrepreneur.

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Karolina Dubiel

Karolina Dubiel

Facebook Meet The Future laureate, avid advocate for women in STEM, teen entrepreneur.

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